Make your Global Supply Chain Transparent and Sustainable

Integrated software that provides high quality, and transparent data to evaluate global suppliers.
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Detailed Risk Analysis
Our platform performs and automates geographic risk analysis for each vendor
Vendor Data Collection
We gather sustainability data from across your supply chain
Integrated Project Management
We ensure the data is reliable and it is fully compliant with local, national and EU legislation

Risk Analysis

Global and vendor level risk data laid out in an easy to use interface that lets you focus on what is most important.

Effortless Data Collection

We collect data from suppliers all over the world. This makes data collection a breeze anytime you need to evaluate suppliers.

Integrated Project Management with AI

Help suppliers set sustainability goals and track their progress with built in tools, while setting up improvement targets assisted by our AI and Benchmarks.

About Us

We are a small group of experts who are passionate about sustainability, and we have been working in this domain for many years, before it became a globally relevant topic. Our team has helped DACH 30 companies with sustainability audits and data verifications for many years. We have been founding members of a startup and have grown it to a unicorn. We have been part of Big 4 accounting firms, deployed enterprise software, and we have scaled sales for early stage startups.

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Headquartered in Munich, Germany